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Clients typically decide to train 2 or 3 times per week and sign up for a series of sessions. For clients interested in training with a friend, I will create a private class tailored to your special training goals. Call or text now for a free consultation.
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Lynne Cianciolo is an Ace certified personal fitness trainer with over 30 years experience in New York and Rhode Island. She has created fitness programs for hundreds of clients at health clubs, and her private studio. Her focus includes strength training, body building, and weight loss.
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A mobile, private, personal fitness training program with an ACE certified trainer using the newest exercise innovations. Workout sessions are held in your home and are goal oriented and individualized. Beginners will be guided through all aspects of fitness training. Advanced clients will be able to redefine their workouts and challenges. Teenagers will be offered weight management guidance and exercise. Women will be nurtured through the journey to better fitness, improved flexibility, and increased strength. Men are shown the way to increased strength, improved muscle tone, and weight loss.
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Increased lean muscle mass Weight management Improved body composition Better conditioning Improved posture Increased flexibility More energy Heightened self- awareness More confidence